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  1. Hi, that wouldn't be Peter Thruscott by any chance? If so then I remember being in the club way back in 1998 and going to you shop down in Goring-by-sea Worthing which became Sussex Rolling Road with a dynamometer tuning system. I had a 1998 VFR800 FiX which was one of the limited edition 50th anniversary UK editions with the red, white & carbon paint scheme and other mods. I still have a near identical VFR800 bike, albeit with Ohlins rear shock and a few other mods. Best regards, Tony Howard East Grinstead
  2. J800VFR


    Sounds like either one coil is faulty, but that's an easy part check. Just swap it with one of the other cylinder's coils and if the problem moves to the cylinder where the suspect coil is now fitted then the coil is the problem. Otherwise, if the problem persists with the original cylinder then it might be an issue with the ECU
  3. Hi all,


    I'm just getting myself and the bike ready for some rideouts and touring later this year.

    I've changed the seat and handlebars on the VFR for more comfort and easier riding and making some cosmetic changes, including repainting the front forks and Givi rack which were both suffering from pitting and corrosion.

    I also treated myself to a new Khyam Biker Plus tent and other camping kit, as I've not camped in a tent for a few years since we bought our Adria campervan.

    Currently I'll be staying in the UK, but hope to get into Europe again next year to tour, see friends and family.

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