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  1. Products? Nope. Parts for this bike are hard to find around here, so FleaBay is my friend (Although the dollar/peso exchange rate doesn't help). As for the services, I prefer to take care of them as much as I can (I already got the factory service manual). The good thing: Shop services (Welding, machining) are dirt cheap and of good quality. As for the rear getting even higher, I would like to wait until I have the front sorted out and then start fine tuning the suspension. Thanks for the input!!
  2. Yeah. I was planning on going the same route as I did with my old Bandit, which is pretty much the same as what you are saying. I will start looking for the parts needed for the front end, since the 929 shock feels quite good, so far. I had a local shop to make a new clevis with the right spacer for the shorter shock and raise the rear for 10mm. I need to change the front tire, it's the wrong size and of some crappy chinese brand (I bought the bike that way). I put a Shinko 011 Verge on the rear. I will put the same at the front.
  3. Yeah. I know that it's impossible to have a bike that performs perfectly in every environment. It's just that, right now, the VFR feels more sluggish on the twisties than the KLR (Progressive suspension components on this one), so I want to improve the handling. I used to have a 1996 GSF600S, which has a similar riding position (And even worse suspension components), but I managed to modify it enough to feel nimble and fast. I want to see how much can I improve the VFR without going broke in the process.
  4. I was thinking about those adjustments since I intend to use the bike in heavy traffic (really bumpy streets), highway riding, and the occasional track day. But, the VFR has been with me only for 1 year. I'm still getting familiar with the riding style (My main bike is the KLR). Thanks for the info.
  5. Pics would be much appreciated. Thanks
  6. Damn!!! I love that color combination!! (Keeping those wheels clean is a royal PITA, tho) Certainly, I'm not intending to race my bike, but I would love to improve it from what it is, right now, without spending as much as I did on the bike itself. Can you recommend a way to have rebound/compression adjustments on the forks?? I already got a 929 refurbished rear shock, but I'm lost about the front end. Thank you for sharing your knowledge.
  7. Hi. I'm new here and also looking for options about the suspension on my 2001 FI. I saw a post on this site about a guy in Sydney that changed the front end for a CBR929 one. He claims that is pretty much a bolt on thing, except for the brake system. I was wondering how true is that statement.
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