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  1. Yes please keep us posted 👍👍!
  2. PetoRC


    Looks good notice any improvement in power?
  3. Left side dump for single high mount and custom subframe and tale section would also be amazing 😉 Also pleas keep us posted on progress 👏
  4. Tyga yes !!! Right side dump that will work with undertail exhaust for 6gen please and perhaps a true dual under-tail exhaust with proper splitter or dual piping 🤤. Here is a picture of my Make shift Panigali undertail exhaust.
  5. Hi guys! new here, this header is exactly what I was looking for to complete my pretty extensive build when is the next batch going to be made and how do I sign up for one ? Thanks! And thanks for making a proper header! 👍👍. 2003 6th Gen .
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