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  1. I am so glad I saw this post as I just realized I have ordered the wrong kaoko throttle lock. I have heated grips and ordered the one for non heated grips but was able to cancel the order in time. So thank you for that!
  2. Geez.. I was planning on taking mine for service at Beaverton Bob's or Procaliber in Vancouver.... I haven't been impressed with either. What's with all the crap mechanics in this region?
  3. Sorry the belated pics 😜 I am looking for side tank grips and a center tank pad. I like the look of the side grips and functionality. I was hoping to find a center tank pad that matched the side grips. I definitely need a center tank pad as it's pretty obvious that my zippers from my leather jackets are going to scratch it all up. I will check out stomp grips as well. Thanks for the advice 🙂
  4. I just bought a 2015 Honda VFR 800 DLX and was a little bummed at how there isn't a lot of aftermarket stuff available. I was looking for some good tank pads and can only seem to find Evo as an option. Anyone have any other brands you would recommend? I was really happy to find this site. Looking forward to learning lots and excited to be part of the group now 🙂
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