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  1. Gents, Thank you both for your thorough replies. You both jogged my memory a bit (the RB has been sitting on the bench a while waiting for the headers) and, indeed, the RBR does work off the two OEM narrow bands (On the Rapidbike/Cyclepro website, it does state you must use the RBR in conjunction with the OEM sensors if your bike's equipped with them). Other experience on this forum suggests run with wide bands only - via My Tuning Bike; apparently, as per Yaman, you can't hook the wide-bands directly to the RB module (from the RB.US website: "If the stock O2 (Lambda) sensor/s have been disabled by an ECU flash or with installation of a factory option race ecu or an aftermarket ecu then My Tuning Bike Module/s can be used by itself"). So, I think your guess is correct, Downhill, and you can run one MTB in addition to the two (or one) OEM narrow. Finally, just to be clear, the RB doesn't actually need to have a wide-band connected to work; it is designed to work with the OEM narrow-bands but just requires more KM/miles to dial in. The wide-band allows for more instantaneous feedback. CandyRedRC46 is one of the forum's resident knowledge boxes on all things RB, and there is a RBR vs. RB Evo thread here in the archives somewhere. Agree with Rush2112's observation the 12mm OEM narrow-band and 18MM wide-band bung combo are the most user friendly combo for many.
  2. Hi Guys, just confirming about the bungs on the 8th gen headers, and I preface this by saying I probably should've brought this up earlier, but why not 2X 18mm bungs rather than a (OEM size) 12mm and 1X 18mm? Wouldn't it have been more flexible to have 2X 18mm and just use a reducer if using OEM O2 sensors? (I ask as I have a Rapid Bike Race ready to install once the headers arrive, and would've liked the option of running wide-band sensors; with the 12 and 18 combo, I'll be stuck using the narrow-band, or am I missing something?). Continued thanks to SF and Duc2V4 for their Herculean efforts shepherding this through.
  3. Highside, try and keep the faith a little longer re. the 8th gen. pipes; we need the numbers to reach critical mass. DUC24 asked 2-3 weeks ago re. wanting passivating or not on the finished product, so I remain hopeful there's been some movement...like you, my deposit has been sitting for a while. I'm sure the lads are across it as time allows (but would also like to see progress too). Best to all.
  4. I might be a +1 to the 3 you count, Duc2V4 - I had PM'd interest and a deposit to SFDownhill back in April. I, too, thought there were more punters on board than just a handful. Disappointing. Let's put out the siren call everyone!
  5. Thanks Duc2V4 for flagging to sfdownhill; we can all appreciate he’s got his three rings full (while at the same time desperately waiting to see the 8th gens in the flesh!).
  6. Hi Wingate, Thank you for your donation of 5.00 USD. We look forward to improving the forums with your donation. Thanks VFRDiscussion
  7. Voided, All, +1 from me. Any takers on reviving this old query? My initial thought is it would require new rearsets to work with the RB linkage. Assuming upshift only anyway if the mod is possible.
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