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  1. I cannot deny they look the goods but yeah definitely not 100% on the performance to $$$ value there. Bike looks good mate. Should do a VFR Syd meet up sometime soon I think.
  2. When not being ridden, the bike sits in my game room. So it gets looked at a lot hence I seem to notice the little things haha. Its annoying sometimes but being fussy means I ride a good clean bike haha. Cheers mate. I love this thing but as above. I have too much time to look at it when not riding it so I notice these things haha.
  3. Sorry mate its a custom paint job so no colour code as such. Essentially its the Mazda Soul Red colour all the new Mazda's a running around in but with more Fleck in it than the Mazda. Looks even better in person. The camera does not catch the fleck very well. I'm thinking this will be the easiest and cheapest way. Unfortunately I don't get to put many km's on the bike so a descent exhaust paint should hopefully last quite some time.
  4. LOVE this bike but boy are the downpipes, centre stand and foot pegs UGLY. I'm thinking of just taking the headers off and using a satin black exhaust paint to tidy them up a little but I feel that will only take a year or 2 to wear away and will continually need re doing. Either that or get them ceramic coated but not sure of the cost of that at my local yet. Foot pegs I will eventually get powder coated to match the rear pegs and wheels so that's not so much of an issue really but still crappy to look at in the mean time. As for the centre stand. Well I don't really want to remove it. Its handy to have. Maybe just a can of satin black will help tidy it up a little? Although I have a single swing arm stand as well and I only really use the centre stand at home for chain cleaning so I might be better off shaving some weight and tidying the underneath up a little by removing the centre stand and just using my single side stand instead. Second photo attached as I cant walk away on a negative note regarding this awesome bike LOL Cheers guys.
  5. Looks fantastic. Love your work. Will need to take some of this as advise and give mine a good clean. Looks great on the outside but I'm sure its filthy on the inside haha
  6. I'm considering 16/45 swap with a 520 chain Was concerned about revs on the highway. Figured out using gear commander at the same speed drop to 5th. If I am happy with the revs it is sitting at then that will be my new 6th gear. As most of my riding is weekend hobby riding and not a lot of long distance stuff the higher revs should not bother me too much. Also a side note the quicker wear will still be a long time in terms of time for me as I don't rack km's up as quick as id like to anyway haha. Pretty sure the extra poke of the 16/45 will put a smile on my face and be worth it in the end. Just wait for the chain and sprocket time now I guess haha.
  7. Hey guys new OZ member here. Penrith area, Sydney, NSW Always keen for a ride (when not tied up with the wife and kids of course. Well and these days long hours at work) Let me know when and where and Ill be there if I can. There are a few meets monthly in my area if anyone wants to get a little VFR crowd happening. Mind you one of them is at a Kawasaki dealership but its open of course haha
  8. Hey mate. It is actually Mazda Soul Red. It looks amazing in person. Photo does it no justice. The gold fleck in this paint job is more than the normal Mazda amount and it looks smick. I love it. Only issue is it will be a real hassle if touch ups or fix ups will ever be required as it is pretty much unmatchable and the whole bike will need re doing. Fingers crossed (touch wood) ill never need to do this haha. Already found a dirty stone chip that is quite deep. To protect it and stop it from spreading I am running through ideas of subtle pinstripe decals to put on the bike. But have to be careful has to keep the class mixed with sporty look that this paint job gives it and not step into that boy street racer look. I have to do something though as last thing I need is the chip to start spreading. If you have any ideas flick them my way haha. Might put a post up soon asking advice from the forums shortly LOL.
  9. Hey mate. Interested in fitting the newer footpegs as long as they are straight bolt on. Are you recommending the whole bracket? Heel plate, shifter/brake etc or just the peg itself? Ill be taking it all off to get powder coated soon but if im going to change i may aswell get the new stuff done instead and keep riding while its off getting painted haha. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  10. Cheers mate. Definately keen on sending her in to get all the wiring looked at to insure nothing is corroded or looking anything less than perfect. I hear everyone talking about installing a volt meter. Id really like to avoid it as i like the minimal look without extras hanging off it everywhere but i guess like you say if i notice fluctuations in the readings i can assume ill soon have issues and not get stranded anywhere. Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  11. Hey all. Long time stalker of the VFR's as I always new I would end up on one eventually. At the time of getting my first "big" bike there was nothing that was quite right so I ended up with an SV1000. While I really liked the SV it just never really felt right as I new I wanted that V4 Growl and Gear Driven Cam whine. So anyway here she is. old SV attached also just because. I don't plan on changing a lot as previous owner has her looking real sharp but a few minor changes here and there to make her my own and a few pieces needing powder coating to match the pieces already done. Came with PCIII fitted but not dyno tuned. Delkevic high mount Can. I plan on going to a Staintune can and tuning the PC. I'm running a high flow DNA filter But for now just enjoying the ride and that sound and keeping her clean haha.
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