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  1. Looks fantastic. Love your work. Will need to take some of this as advise and give mine a good clean. Looks great on the outside but I'm sure its filthy on the inside haha
  2. I'm considering 16/45 swap with a 520 chain Was concerned about revs on the highway. Figured out using gear commander at the same speed drop to 5th. If I am happy with the revs it is sitting at then that will be my new 6th gear. As most of my riding is weekend hobby riding and not a lot of long distance stuff the higher revs should not bother me too much. Also a side note the quicker wear will still be a long time in terms of time for me as I don't rack km's up as quick as id like to anyway haha. Pretty sure the extra poke of the 16/45 will put a smile on my face and be worth it in the end. Just wait for the chain and sprocket time now I guess haha.
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