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  1. @JZH I figured how they connect to the lever as we see on your pic, but I don't understand the route around the coil that is managing the left rear cylinder. I would appreciate if you could share some pictures [emoji16] Envoyé de mon SM-A510F en utilisant Tapatalk
  2. Hi @Dutchy https://www.cmsnl.com/honda-vfr750f-1993-p-france_model5630/partslist/F__0200.html#.Wx6-Ue6FM3g #2 is the light bulb for indicators and dashboard lightening, this is a W5W. The lightening for the clock is #3 and apparently bulb comes with holder. If it's only a few Euros, I will order it with my next parts order. Unless I can find a standard reference since it looks a lot like this: https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/r509tybk-1.4w-t5-14v-1.4w-indicator-and-panel-bulb-black-base.html
  3. Another basic question: The clock light bulb is broken and I cannot figure the bulb reference or if this must come as one part (bulb and holder). I was able to use a car one but it's too deeps and I cannot close the cover 😞
  4. Back home, I browsed the service manual and cannot find how to route the reserve cables. Anyone who could share a pic or the reference to the manual page? Thanks in advance.
  5. So I spent some time in the garage this week-end again. There is still like a lot of work before I can run it safely on the streets. I mounted the tail - still some bolts missing and one locking tab is broken. Need to start looking for good tutorials for fairing repair. I put in place to see what it's like with the only front fairing that I have... The previous owner gave me the windscreen. I found the 2 parts of the top fairing for 35€ on the internet. They look really bad, lots of locking tab broken (at least half of them), good side is that they came with t
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