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  1. Thanks guys REALY appreciated!!!! I stupidly just end up getting stressed with anything mechanical or electrical and pretending it doesn't exist so have left the bike in the garage for three months. I must kick myself out of that habit. Non of you know how to fix a 3D printer by any chance as it's been a year since I could bare looking at it? LOL Seriously - Thanks 🙂
  2. Bike 'died' - first indicators/signal lights then main lights and engine. Replaced battery, tested rectifier/regulator, tested alternator all OK. Tested for drain and it read 19mA for a a second then dropped quickly to 2.4mA which is above stated spec of 1.2mA. Repeated the test a few times and it did exactly the same each time if I gave it a minute - if I tested it again within a second or two it didn't show 19mA just the 2.4mA. Disconnected heated handlebar grips - (which don't work and just flash lowest value light no matter how many times you press the button) - no difference. Is this just the normal drain for my 3rd party immobilizer alarm? Was it just a failed battery and should I stop worrying? I teach and have a 20 mile commute to school so don't want to strand myself - teachers can't be late - I've also topped out my electrical knowledge as might be obvious. Thanks,
  3. Does rectifier off a VFR800FiW fit a 2004? <<--- just that really.
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  5. Now THAT'S what I call an imaginative mod :-) well done ...goodun
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