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  1. probably everyones seen this one but I found the 45 single today in an old cabinet i bought - pretty funny!
  2. Thanks! really like the 5th gen vs the 6th —less top heavy, seems to turn quicker, doesnt scrape the pegs as bad, no weird throttle response ❤️❤️❤️ not quite as rock solid through the turns but Im ok with that
  3. sorry, dont want to spend 50$ on a new lead when i can just wire this one in...not like its a critical safety component. Dont worry - it will look shipshape when im done 😬 hadnt changed my gallery pic - im on a 5th gen now
  4. can anyone with a speedohealer on a 5th gen post a pic of the wiring at the connectors, please? I got a used speedohealer off a guy with a 6th gen and I need to rewire it to fit my connectors. Heres what I have:
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