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  1. very nice shot....looks chilly!
  2. Man would I like to see some of that country!
  3. Really does look better with the fender completly gone....I guess I will have to follow suite. And you should dump the ratty cans off on me for $100.00 :beer:
  4. Thats friggin nice.....great color. Aces!
  5. richmerrill

    Fall Colours on Hwy 1a

    Man I really thought this would win the photo contest. Great picture dude.
  6. Looke like a great day for it! Where can I get Judi a seat back like that?
  7. richmerrill

    Dragon Face

    Super air brush work..........hummmm........wonder what Freud would think of this??? Its way cool......I likes em!!!!!!!
  8. GAWD! That is just NICE! What a great Blue...really nice.
  9. Hey Viffie.........you buildin a dualsport?
  10. great paint! I just might "borrow " your style for mine. Realy nice shot too. I can smell the bay breez.
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