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  1. Now I kinda want to do up a dummy can for the Nighthawk... that is an awesome idea. Not the VFR, I like the twin Supertrapps too much to cut her down to one.
  2. Usb Power!

    The panasonics I used for my Nighthawks coils and headlights used 1.4mW. ~2mW is typical.
  3. Usb Power!

    I got a really short pigtail. It's only ~8" long, so it won't -quite- reach.
  4. Usb Power!

    I didn't even think of that angle. Hmmmm... my BT came with a Powerlet adapter. Would be nice to just be able to plug it in, rather than pull a side panel. Yes, I can be lazy.
  5. Usb Power!

    If I may step in, the current draw and power loss from a regulator not plugged into anything is going to be miniscule. With something like this, we're talking milliwatts at most, and even that's just so the tiny chip that does the job keeps humming over. I wouldn't worry about putting a switch on it out of concern for the regulator itself draining the battery. If you want to avoid accidentally draining the battery because you forgot your phone/tablet/gps was plugged in then THAT is a good reason to put a switch on it.

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