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  1. Thanks for the help ShipFixer, yeah I agree on the logic about the ports in the stock valve being much smaller therefore not using quite the same shimstack as the comparable Gold Valves. I figure with the Maxima 5wt at 15.9cst@40C and the smaller holes, along with just the right shim stack I can make it all work. I just wish I had access to a shim stack program. So I put it all together today and ended up adding a .10x15 shim in the stack and overall it seems to feel much better than the last iteration! I really don't understand why Honda added the 2 super thick shims in the bottom of the stack and I may take those out. With the thickness of the shim stack the nut doesn't have as much to hang on to and even though it's held on by red loctite, I'd feel better if the shaft were flush with the end of the nut at least. Actually, I think the 20x8.2 shim is a fulcrum which needs to be there and the 40x11.3 is a spacer shim which I'll take out the next time I play with it.
  2. That's what I'm going for is a stiffer shim stack and looking for advice from folks that have done it. Guys, I've already played with oil weights in the past and came up with what works for me using the stock components. Now that I've got a Gold Valve compression valve which calls for a thin 5wt fluid according to Race Tech, I'm using that as my base fluid and hoping to match the rebound side of things by revalving it stiffer. The stock rebound shim stack is as follows: valve 10x17 10x16 10x15 20x8.2 40x11.3 I'm proposing using the following shims to get where I think I want to be: valve (2) 15x17 (3) 10x17 (3) 10x16 10x12 20x8.2 40x11.3
  3. I have a 2000 5th gen with Gold Valve compression valves and would like to utilize the stock rebound valves because I have too many other things I need to spend my money on, including a recent traffic award, and instead utilize the extra shims I already have. Having said that, can anyone suggest a shim stack for a 1.00 fork spring? I recently added 2 15x17 shims to the original stock shim stack and I'm thinking it's still to fast using Maxima 5wt oil. I'm considering adding 2 more to the stack but would like to minimize the amount of time I pull the forks and only do this once more. So, got any suggestions?
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