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  1. Boattail

    Rear seat cowl

  2. Boattail

    Rear seat cowl

    Thanks :-) Yes, I believe this only works with the stock seat.
  3. Boattail

    Rear seat cowl

    Haha... It wasn't actually my intention to create a speed or motion effect in the photos, but just blur out the background. And since I am a little bit tired of the regular blur, I used this one. I realize now that it might have been a mistake :-) How I did it? Just create a selection around the bike in Photoshop, copy the selected bike to a new layer and blur the original layer. Easy :-)
  4. Boattail


    Really nice photos and beautiful weather! :-)
  5. Boattail

    Another Lake

    Really nice photo!!! Can't wait to get on the bike again. Two more winter months though here in Sweden :-(
  6. Thanks! I realise now that the shadow needs some photoshoping :-)
  7. Thanks guys! And thank you HispanicSlammer for featuring :-) This is actually a frame from a video I shot in April on one of my first rides this season. Since then I traded the 750F for a New 2010 1200F :-) Now, unfortunatelly, the bike season is over here in Sweden. So I am sitting here longing for April now. Untill then I will edit some video from last summer. I'll post it when I heave it ready :-)
  8. Hi all! This was taken in June this year during a motorcycle trip from Sweden to Norway. Me and four friends made this 7 day trip as soon as the mountain roads were open again after the winter. We drove 2100km, or 1300 miles, and I can really recommend Norway as a grate country for motorcycle touring. The roads are twisty and of very good quality and the scenery is just breathtaking. And I can assure you that a beer tastes just heavenly after a long days ride :-) Check out some new pics from the trip I just uploaded.
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