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  1. YSS Fork Spring Table

    Having spent ages trying to find compatible fork springs for an older bike, I came accross this list on the YSS Thailand site & thought it would be a great cross reference for anyone looking for a fork spring, when they can't find what they need for the specific model !
    I had planned to use VFR springs to improve my buddies FJ forks when I refurbed them, but turns out Yamaha use a thicker wall on their 41mm forks, so the VFR springs (35mm OD) won't fit !
    I was able to use this file to cross reference the early FJ1200 spring (485mmx33.5mmx0.65Kg/mm) with an XJ900S from 94-03 years which is 490mmx33.5mmx0.8-1.6Kg/mm (progressive), so only 5mm longer but stiffer, just what I needed 🙂
    Hope it helps others.




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