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  1. 8 hours ago, MaxSwell said:

    One can rent those down under?! I can only imagine the brilliance!

    Yup! It was an article I read in Bike magazine over a decade ago that gave me the desire to do it. Christchurch Honda rent out the bikes. It HAS to be on every VFR owners Bucket List!

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  2. 5 hours ago, Grum said:

    Great shot Skids. Remember driving the road up to the other end of the lake, spectacular. My partner said if she had a dollar for every time I mentioned "wish I had the VFR here" she'd be a millionaire!:fing02:

    A truly memorable holiday, beautiful country, great people and a great bike to see it all on!


    North Island is next on the list.  :beer:


    10 hours ago, VFROZ said:


    There is actually not much in common between a VTR and an SP1 . 

    SP1 has shorter stroke, fuel injection, gear driven cams, UD forks, different swing arm and rear suspension, different frame, much better brakes, and the list goes on. 


    That's what I was after, thank you. I know nothing about either really so such big differences, apart from the obvious visual ones, make decision making easier.



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