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  1. 57 minutes ago, VetteJim said:

    Hello and sorry if this has been covered but I searched and didn't find anything.  Does anyone have any experience or recommendations for an LED headlight bulb upgrade?  Mine is a 2010.




    Where's the popcorn? 😆

  2. It's ok guys, rant away, maybe some young rider will read it and make them think a bit more when they're out on the road.


    I commute >100 miles per day, both bike and car and the idiocy and total lack of understanding or awareness that I see daily is frankly frightening. Indicators are rarely used, cars & vans are happy to pull out into my lane irrespective of closure speed, they hog the outside or 2nd/3rd lane (we can only overtake on the outside/right over here) and they're supposed to keep into the most LH lane when possible etc etc.


    I have decided to buy the Viofo MT1 and managed to get a 5% discount from the UK importer (I shan't spend the savings all at once! 😏) and fit to my Crossrunner for my commute. May consider another for the VFR1200 if this one works out well.



  3. 18 minutes ago, Terry said:

    As a suggestion, you may have a blockage in the thin water tubes that lead to/from the wax unit. This means the wax unit does not see the high water temps and so keeps the idle high even when the coolant is hot. Eventually heat soak from the engine should allow the idle to drop but it might take a while. If you’re lucky you maybe able to blow the blockage clear without major surgery. 

    What, blow with my lips? 🤔

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  4. 19 minutes ago, BusyLittleShop said:

    General info...


    Trouble shooting Chris's RC45 continuous high idle the culprit proved
    to be air leaks... you see that on a fuel injection engine *any* air that
    bleeds past the throttle bodies the map just increases the correct
    amount of fuel... the result is high continuous idle... make sure all
    the rubber hoses are connected and in good shape... make sure all the
    intake boots are tight and in good flexible shape... if the rubbers
    are hard and cracked its time for replacement...



    I did check everything you say when I had the tank off after I bought her and everything was like new. None of the gubbins beneath the injectors has been removed or disconnected so an air leak is a difficult one to imagine. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Presson said:

    I confess I've no actual experience of the wax unit, but could a stuck wax unit piston cause the problem you describe by keeping the SVs wide open? From reading around it sounds as though the wax units normally last over 100k miles. 

    Me either, it's all Honda magic to me. :goofy:


    They should last but I wonder if the history of the bike with so much time doing nothing has led to an issue with it.

  6. Good morning all.


    My 01 has been sat in the garage since last Sep and I've just completed the annual oil & filter change. Started the bike up to let the oil warm up and pass through the filter so I could top it up accurately. Idle was around 2k rpm, which I guess is about right since it needs to warm up??? Then, as the temp gauge hit 70° C (158° F), the idle increases to a steady 3k rpm and wont reduce. 


    Moving the bars makes no difference so the throttle cables are not snagging, I've tried to reduce the idle by turning the idle screw but that makes no difference, the throttle has the requisite slack on the cables so I'm thinking wax idle unit??? Before I purchased it, the bike spent the last 6 years not moving and over the previous 10 years only competed 400 miles.


    I have yet to lift the tank to check the throttle cables, SVs and idle screw but before I do that, I thought I'd ask the knowledgeable folk on here for their thoughts.


    When I last rode it, I had fitted new Iridium spark plugs, deleted the PAIR setup, balanced the SVs, new air filter and it was running beautifully. It's been stored in the garage over winter on a trickle charger with a full fuel tank topped up with fuel stabiliser.


    Any thoughts welcome please.

  7. 6 hours ago, toreckman said:

    To remove the cat & sensors etc and mine are pretty crusty.


    How long have you had the gpr?


    Ah ok. It is only surface crud as they are SS and should polish up. You can fit O2 eliminators and I cut the cat out on my old 98 when I fitted a set of 01 downpipes to it many years ago. However, I do get what yr trying you do so please let us know how you get on with it.


    I fitted the GPR about a year ago. My 01 is an April - September bike. I bought her very low mileage (<9k) and spent a few £ sparkling her up and now she's a keeper. Story here.



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  8. Agree with you both.


    They're huddled in their safe, soundproof cage, oblivious to everything except that which they may collide with in a couple of seconds and so react late, don't bother with indicators, pull out even if that involves you having to slow down a lot, utterly selfish and self-absorbed and don't give a damn about any other road user.


    Rant over! 😆

  9. 15 minutes ago, Presson said:

    Why? Just interested. Are you being followed or want a way to corroborate if you are unfortunate enough to get clobbered?


    I commute 100+ miles a day, usually on the bike.


    Every day I have morons who forget they have mirrors or indicators, have no lane discipline, believe tailgating is perfectly safe etc etc etc so yes, a bit of corroboration wouldn't go amiss and we're also thinking of riding to northern Italy this summer.

  10. Hi all, looking for folk with bike dashcam experience for recommendations.


    I want both front & rear cameras, unsure whether 4k UHD is worth the extra, loop recording and bike-powered.


    So far I've looked at Innovv & Viofo MT1 which is higher spec than the Innov (170 deg fov vs 120 deg) but is Chinese in origin (Innovv may be, I don't know) and I'm uncomfortable with purchasing from China.


    Any others worth considering? Any experiences good or bad?



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