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  1. 20 minutes ago, Sparkie said:

    Less than 1000 miles a year means it sat.  A lot.

    I'm less worried about high mileage bikes than low mileage.  

    And yet my 22yo with <9000 miles had only done 400 miles in 16 years, zero in the last 6 and it was fine to ride. Of course I've changed all the consumables but it didn't worry me at all. Far better that than worrying about how well its been looked after over far more miles. 

  2. Givi do one MY MOTORCYCLE - HONDA VFR-1200-F-10--16 - D321S - Givi but you may find you also need one of those wind deflectors that sits atop the existing screen.


    Alas, screens are very individual - we all have differing arm length, back length, neck length, seating position, helmet etc so what works for one person wont necessarily work for another and the annoying things is that you can't really test ride a new screen before paying for it, unless you know someone with the same bike who has that screen.


    I have the Givi above but I've also fitted Heli-bars. I'm 5ft 10". I have recently fitted one of the screen deflectors I mentioned above but haven't really had much chance to try it. For what little riding I have done on the 1200 recently, it's not brilliant but it's ok.

  3. 1 hour ago, adkfinn said:


    Yes, this is the only hiccup of trying to use an off the shelf link pipe with the WiLD header. You'll need to stretch it a few 'mm' in order to get the two to play together. If you devise a way to DIY it, please share. 


    EDIT - be careful stretching the link pipe, stainless loves to tear. There were recent pics from another user showing their torn link pipe after they had a shop try to stretch it for them... not sure which thread it was in offhand.


    Yes, I read that. 


    Don't wait for any wisdom or solutions from me. 

  4. On 7/22/2022 at 1:41 PM, Mohawk said:

    The healtech works well, takes a bit of setting up. I have one on another bike & intend to swap it on to my 5th Gen, but I need to make a custom harness because I converted it to stick coils. 

    Just contacted Healtech as there was no Supplementary Manual for installation. They sent me a copy and it looks like you have to break into the ignition circuit at the coils. F that for a game of soldiers! That's a very good way to f up my bike.


    Shame, I'd love a QS on the Fi.

  5. 4 hours ago, bmart said:

    As I am so fond of saying, if it involves a human, it is going to be hard. Don't get me going about "experts."

    The alternative definition of an expert; an 'ex' is a has-been and a '(s)pert' is a drip under pressure.  😁


    Only works if you speak it, not write it. 

  6. Hi, welcome to VFR ownership, I'm sure you'll love it!


    Where do we start? There's a lot you should look out for, though with a bike looking as well taken care of as yours is, there shouldn't be too many but on bikes that haven't been as well looked after, there can be a lot.


    Battery voltage test is essential, to check not only the battery condition but the condition of the charging system, a notorious weak spot of early VFR800s.


    Brakes - pads, colour of the brake (and clutch) fluid. Probably worth a fluid change anyway, possibly even service the callipers - not as hard as some like to make out. I changed out the brake hoses for SS ones on mine and along with the calliper service and new pads made a huge difference.


    Oil & air filters

    Starter valve balance - every 4k miles

    engine oil level - probably worth an oil & filter change anyway

    suspension - fork seals leaking? suspension set for you, possibly drop the yoke 5-10mm

    tyres - obvs!

    bearings - steering head, wheels


    Download the Service Manual from this site and don't be afraid to ask ANY questions on here, there's loads of VFR guru's who know so much and are so talented that whatever your issue, it can usually be quickly resolved by the fantastic folk on here.


    There's loads of stuff you can do to tune/upgrade and there's an opinion for every member on the site 😆Do a little searching on here to see what others have done, from the simple to the extremely omg. There are some beautiful bikes out there and I only wish I had a fraction of the skillset some of these guys have.


    What make is the end can on yours? Staintune? 


    Please let us know how you get on when you pick her up.


  7. 30 minutes ago, johnscad said:

    No I have not, is that just measuring voltage while sitting, running, and after dying? 

    Basically, yes.


    I had a R/R die on me many moons ago on my '98 model, ended up that as the turn indicator flashed on/off, the engine died/relit in tune with it so just wondering if there's an electrical issue based around the known weakness of the R/R on the earlier VFR.


    @Grum is the electrical guru so hopefully he will be along shortly - note the time difference as he lives down under!

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