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  1. Am I reading this correctly that this is a new 2013 VFR1200F for $9,999? https://champion-honda.com/Motorcycles-Honda-VFR1200F-2013-Hicksville-NY-eb0d6b66-f858-498e-909e-a5f300f108a4?utm_source=motohunt.com
  2. Thanks. I ride in dry conditions so not that concerned about the traction control. I have a PC-V for my current bike but it sounds like the ecu re-flash is the preferred upgrade?
  3. I'm the current owner of a 6th gen VFR 800 and previous owner of a 4th gen VFR 750. I have been eyeing the VFR1200F for a while now and thinking I'll be making an upgrade this year. I've have been researching the various VFR1200 years and it seems the 1st gen VFR1200Fs were the 2010 model years and then the 2nd gens were the 2012 + model years. I haven't read of any changes after the 2012 + model year. Going through ads, it seems that most of the VFR1200s for sale are 2010 model years (mostly red) with the 2012s + much less common. A list of "upgrades" to the 2012 model years include "Honda Traction control, increased torque between 2000-4000 rpm, larger fuel tank, revised seats, new colors and Honda accessories". As someone buying used, are the upgrades enough to make it a more capable bike over the the 2010s? Comparing stock bikes with condition and mileage being similar, would a back to back ride between the 2010 vs 2012s even be noticeable? I understand the fuel tank increase was small. Trying to figure out if a 2010 with an aftermarket ECU and seat would essentially be as good or better than a stock 2012 in terms of comfort and ride-ability.
  4. 413 downloads

    I took Cozy's ver_5 PCIII map (.djm) and copied it over to work on a PCV (.pvm). The only difference is the PCV has a 15% throttle were the PCIII does not. I just took an average between the 10% and 20% throttles for this column and it seems to work well. See Cozy ver_5 original description for more info. I have an 02 VFR with BMC air-filter, O2 eliminators, PAIR mod and gutted stock exhaust (cat still in place). I have to say this map is excellent. Low rpm performance (under 3000) is much cleaner and throttle is more responsive. At partial throttle (under 50%), there is practically no VTEC transition. This map should work well for the 02 - 05 models but might be a little rich for stock exhaust. The only area I see that could use a little improvement seems to be the VTEC transition at large throttle openings (more than 50%). The transition is noticeable but no where near as bad as stock. tdmp
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