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  1. Thanks for posting. I have an 02 with only 26,000 miles on it and I was considering getting it done but with this and other posts I've seen, I think I won't touch for now.
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    I took Cozy's ver_5 PCIII map (.djm) and copied it over to work on a PCV (.pvm). The only difference is the PCV has a 15% throttle were the PCIII does not. I just took an average between the 10% and 20% throttles for this column and it seems to work well. See Cozy ver_5 original description for more info. I have an 02 VFR with BMC air-filter, O2 eliminators, PAIR mod and gutted stock exhaust (cat still in place). I have to say this map is excellent. Low rpm performance (under 3000) is much cleaner and throttle is more responsive. At partial throttle (under 50%), there is practically no VTEC transition. This map should work well for the 02 - 05 models but might be a little rich for stock exhaust. The only area I see that could use a little improvement seems to be the VTEC transition at large throttle openings (more than 50%). The transition is noticeable but no where near as bad as stock. tdmp
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