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  1. hi all.. Bought a vfr750 from a chap with spare motor for $200.. Bike runs great, but no front fairing.. Came with after market china junk headlight that couldn't beat a candle.. Right now my clocks are tucked behind the Darth vador front thing, what other vfr bike clocks can I rewire to fit? Mine has cable speedo.. Plus they are old and worn.. Looking for a bike with waterproof clocks I can fit.. Dont mind cutting loom.. Also, can a single side swingarm be made to fit? Plenty of vfr400s around here.. Tx
  2. i think i have the languages right btw - took a guess but i think im correct! anyhow - the english is there :) enjoy!
  3. 15566 downloads

    Complete RC24 2nd Gen VFR750 RC24 workshop service manual in 4 languages - pdf format.
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