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  1. ... Well, where do they go? I'm developing a budget and identifying parts to build a Faux 45 and wondered what happens to highly modified VFRs after the creator no longer has need for them. Is there a market for them? I haven't seen one for sale (but I haven't really looked for one either.) Clearly, a custom build should be a labor of love and is not done to 'make a profit'. But I don't want to "ruin a perfectly good motorcycle", as one critic of my idea said, and be out $x,000, or more, with nothing to show for it in the end. What has your experience been selling a Frankenviffer? Thanks Sandy
  2. I may use a 4th Gen VFR as a donor bike to build a "Faux 45" - a replica Street RC 45. I've been advised to use a newer 5 th Gen because it has fuel injection. I know that the RC 45's frame is similar to the 4 Gen's and that the RC 45 is fuel injected. What is the reality of living with a bike that has carburetors, knowing that it must be put up for the 3 - 4 month Northeast winter? What is preparation is required, other than the required dosing with fuel stabilizer? Thanks. Sandy
  3. MRMATT, Thanks for your post, that is extremely helpful... ...and encouraging. S.
  4. Thank you The Phantom, Veefer 800 Canuk and trjerm. Your information and comments are very helpful. I've located a 1997 VFR 750 with 16,000 miles on it and am negotiating the price with the owner. The Phantom, I look forward to Mr. Matt's comments. Trjerm, did you consider the RC 30 STREET upper cowl (with the dual round headlight openings) for your project? Was your choice of GSXR front end parts based on performance, availability, or cost? Thank you all. S.
  5. I'd love to own an RC 45. The reality is that there too few of them in the USA and that I couldn't afford one if I could find one. In addition, I want to ride it on the roads. An original is not the best choice for my use. (Also, I'm 6' 2" tall with a 34" inseam) I read the post about the "Linderman" (Sp.?) replica but fear that bike was built in Holland. Here are a few initial questions: 1. Which year would be the best foundation for such a project. My initial thought is to use a 5th gen. (I know that it has an 800 cc rather than the RVF's 750.) 2. Is there a shop in the USA (I'm in the NYC area) that has done, or would do, such a project. 3. Have any VFRD members attempted such a project? Thanks for any thoughts you may offer. Sandy
  6. Thanks for the review. I bought the same kit for my '03 954 (actually I bought it for my Y2K VFR but the kits are the same for almost all Hondas) but don't seem to have enough room on the rear brake adjustment rod (can't shorten it enough) to be able to lower the brake pedal on the 954. I see that you have an '08 1K RR. Did you have a similar issue and, if so, how did you solve it? Thanks. Sandy
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