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  1. Hi all, Machining the plates right now. I hope to have them completed today and sent down for anodizing first thing next week. Everyone who ordered will get a shipping notification when they are ready to go! --Dan
  2. To be fair, the bike in that video had brand new, cold tires, which is pretty much like riding on ice if you give it any gas. I also have an '08 GSX-R1000, and believe me, you have to do something very stupid for the bike to get out of shape that badly with the tires in normal operating condition. I once watched an ex-racer dump his ZR-7 (hardly a fire-breathing monster) in the middle of the road after turning out of the parking lot to go home for the day. You just have to be careful... Whether Honda is trying to save the drivetrain or the rider is anybody's guess at this point, but if I owned the bike, I would definitely want it unrestricted.
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    From the album: 6th-gen Supercharger Kit

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  4. toro1


    From the album: 6th-gen Supercharger Kit

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