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Fall Ride 2021

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VFRD Fall Ride October 7th - 10th! Skyline Village Inn, Little Switzerland, NC. There are only like 14 rooms left!
Call Mike 828-765-9394. Leave a message if you don't get an answer.
If it gets booked, there is Big Lynn Lodge up the road about a mile. Fall is a busy time of year up there so don't wait.
No fees, no shirts, no food. Just good company and great roads.
We've stayed at the Inn several times now and it's always been great! The roads out of Little Switzerland are fantastic in every direction.IMG_5681.thumb.jpeg.b396a45ebdfee70f100873e4bd063aee.jpeg
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Just in case you forgot.... this is still on. Don't use a booking app because they will tell you the rooms are all booked. Call Mike. Do it now!😛


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We're six weeks out! 

Ol'Heavy insisted on a bath, new shoes, and a gold chain. Somehow she's gotten the idea that she is kind of a big deal? It might take me four weeks to finish all of that at the rate I'm going. 

Have you booked a room? Is your ride ready?


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