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Rear Brake sticking on

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I own a 1998 5th gen VFR800f which I have had for nearly a year. Absolutely love the bike but I have an intermittent fault with it and thought maybe somebody on this forum may of had the same problem of have heard of it.

My rear brake intermittently sticks on after using the rear brake pedal. Its ok when I use the front brake lever and the linked brake activates the rear caliper piston but if I use the rear brake pedal after a few presses it binds. It seems as if the rear brake is retaining pressure as the pedal is solid with no free play. The rear brake cylinder piston may be sticking. today it started to bind and the pedal was solid. I removed the pedal clevis pin, the pedal is free but the brake was still binding. I pushed and pulled the brake cylinder push rod and the wheel eventually freed. 


Has anyone had this problem? 

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