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Set off Traction Control!!

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I've had the bike for a little over a year and put 5,800 miles on it. In that time, I've never set off the TC. Took it out to top of the gas tank for the winter. Air temp was in the mid-30's and the tires weren't much warmer. Grabbed a handful of throttle and BOOM the TC light lit up and the revs jumped. I don't think the rear broke loose more than a second or two.

My question is: Have any of you triggered the TC in more ideal riding conditons? 

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I've triggered it in less than ideal conditions and ideal conditions. Mostly where I have it going off it at stop lights where there's lots of oil and water accumulation, or over manhole covers.


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I just got my VFR and have had T.C. kick in a couple times. Once was starting from stop sign, the road was kind of funky, uphill start, little bump before crossing the street and I didn't really goose the throttle. I think the bump took some weight off of the back wheel and it bogged with the warning light. The other was accelerating out of a traffic circle a little too aggressively while still leaned over. Bogged motor and warning light.

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