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2014 VFR 800 CDN Model - Is the OEM Akrapovic Honda Slip On Part #08F88-MJM-917 2015-2020 Compatible?

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Hi Guys,

Just wondering if the OEM Akrapovic Honda Slip On Part #08F88-MJM-917 2015-2020 is compatible with the 2014 VFR800 CDN model?  I believe this slip on is Euro 4 and I  suspect my OEM muffler is equivalent or similar to Euro 3 but not sure.  The interesting thing is I believe the VFR oversees anyway in 14-15 was Euro 3 and then 16+ was Euro 4 with the new muffler while this replacement part seems to span both standards (15-20)? I just want the bike to run smooth with the minimal gains in performance.  Not interested in remapping.  Thanks.

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Hi, a bit late to the party here, but for future purposes:

the exhaust you mention will fit any 8th gen, but is specifically homologated for the rc93, so 2017+, euro4 vfr800. It’s basically different to the previous iteration as to the db killer which is not (easily) removable. Power gains will be close to zero. No remap required at all. It’s more about getting this specific look and some change in exhaust note. Cheers! 

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The Akra was an option when I purchased my CDN 2015 brand new. I had the dealership install one before I picked it up.  db killer was easy to remove. Good sounding note to it....just right for me. 

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