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Check Engine and Oil Light (shuddered a bit and now won't start)

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Coming home the other night the bike started to shudder as my check engine and oil light came on.  It smoothed out and then when I was almost home did it again.  I started it up and got it the remaining mile to the house.  My battery appeared to be not in good shape so I put a brand new one in and also put fresh oil in.  Now it won't start.  It just turns over and over with the check engine light on.  WTF?

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Sorry I don't have a 7th gen. But, as a starting point!


- Do you hear your Fuel Pump prime every time you turn ON your Ignition?

- Is your Check Engine Light flashing or just fully ON and does not go out?

- Have you checked that ALL main and sub fuses are OK. Especially your 10amp Fi Fuse located at the Starter Relay and Sub Fuse H 20amp being the Fuel Pump and TBW system?

- Have you got the Service Manual?

- If your Check Engine Light is On, crank the engine for greater than 10secs. See if this produces a flashing fault code.


"My battery appeared to be not in good shape so I put a brand new one in and also put fresh oil in. Now it won't start" 

That's because batteries don't like fresh oil in them!.................OK, just joking!


Lets know the results of the above checks.


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