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I'm always up for having a look-see at a bike parked any place I happen to be, no matter the make or model.  Probably like many that look at my 6th gen, they may or may not know what it is, and if they don't own one, probably aren't interested having one.  But like me, they probably respect that someone else rides and understands why, so the make / model of the bike doesn't really matter.  I'm the same and the same way with old cars - I respect that other people like what they have and that it works for them.   I like to look, but I don't often see something I would put down hard cash on. 


So recently I was at a Costco (for those that don't have those - they're a mega wholesale club warehouse).  At any rate, saw a Valk parked outside so I went over to check it out.  Nice enough looking bike - but from the looks of it well used.  (below). But on further inspection, noticed a couple of interesting things about it (further below).




Upon closer inspection, I noticed the front tire, . . . hmmm.  :ohmy:  Looking at it I thought "sir, you apparently don't place much value on your life - that front tire is beyond done".  Clearly the crown of the road has taken its toll.   But then, I looked even closer at the rear tire . . . :blink:  I've seen this before - IIRC there's a subset of FJR owners that do this car tire thing and call it "The Dark Side", using Darth Vader as their mascot.  This looks like it might be a snow tire, maybe figuring that the rubber compounds in it are softer than on a typical all season tire.  Regardless, this front and rear look like a lethal combination.  I know how much the handling goes off when my rear tire begins to wear down the center some . . .  a delivery truck could probably out corner this setup.  I suppose the gremlin bell is supposed to keep him safe . . . but if it were me I'd swap out for the proper, new rubber and ditch the bell.  Tires are an expensive part of this hobby - maybe up to $.10 per mile or even more . . . but then again so are hospitals!  When it comes to tires, my motto is "if in doubt, change it out".


Safe travels to all



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That front tire wear and wear pattern would definitely be concerning to me.  I remember reading a discussion and/or article on car vs motorcycle tires and wheels and something about the beads and lips being different cross-wise.  OTOH, if you get a car tire wide enough, no more need for a kick stand or to put your feet down at a light...  ha

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