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Bleeding linked brakes

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I need to bleed the brakes on a Y2K.  It’s not my bike and  I don’t have a manual for it.   

Is this video good for a step-by-step guide?

i generally apply a vacuum to the bleeder when I crack open the valve after squeezing the lever/pedal. Besides that difference, I just want to see if the order of things presented here works. Including that step of lifting the front left caliper while bleeding the p-valve and the front right middle bleeder, etc. 

Thanks in advance. 

Paul in SoCal



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I followed this recently and it worked. I had a vacuum bleeder, but found it of limited help. I also had an external one way valve (like a speed bleeder but external). This did seem to be very useful when flushing the new fluid through. Well worth grabbing one. Cheap and fairly readily available online.


I syringed out old fluid from reservoirs and cleaned before starting. Then fill and follow the order in the thread/service manual (which is also available from this forum; so you DO have ;-)).


I made a mistake in that when I moved the left front caliper, I didn’t put it back on the disc, so of course I had to push back the pistons. Good opportunity for a clean however.

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