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Another VFR 750 Naked Build

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Good day, I've been creeping around the VFR forums for quite some time before I ever had a VFR.  I stumbled upon a video of a 4th gen with Delkevic pipes and have been addicted to the glorious sound ever since.  Recently a 1997 VFR750F popped up for sale in near me and I jumped on it with the idea that I would build it into a naked bike/streetfighter after seeing all the beautiful machines on here.  To give you some background I am a Mechanical Engineering student and have had a passion for bikes as long as I can remember.  I am currently riding a 2013 Yamaha FZ8N but the inline 4 sound and powerband leaves a lot to be desired.


When I purchased the VFR it was in fairly good condition and even came with a 5th gen rim.  




So far I have not made huge progress, but I am in no rush as I have another bike to ride in the mean time.  What I have done is stripped all the fairings off, had the 5th gen rear rim machined to fit the 4th gen hub, and nearly completed fabricating my own sub-frame.  *Disclaimer-I am a self taught welder/fabricator so my skills are not impressive at all.*  I will be using a Ducati Streetfighter seat for this build as I like the look and have seen them used on other builds on this site.  I am also working on collecting the final pieces for a CBR929RR front end swap.  I currently have forks, brake calipers, and a lower triple.  I have a custom CNC'd upper on the way so I can use dirtbike bars.  I also plan on using a Yamaha FZ1N headlight on this build.  Currently I am trying to get the sub frame completely tidied before I head to school in 2 weeks.  At that point I will try to find somewhere to store it as school is about 350km away from where I live.  During the school year I plan to pick away at the front end swap as well as work on all the wiring that needs to be done. 


Welcome to my journey!!





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These panels (in good shape) are worth a penny or two and help pay for "stuff"


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As of right now all I have left are the left and right front mid fairings, left has a small crack, and right is mint, seat with a few scuff marks, and a rear subframe if anyone is interested....always looking for funding for more "stuff".  I will be putting all my excess items in the classifieds as soon as I get a chance.

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Update:  I have CBR929RR forks, brake calipers, and lower triple.  I just received my custom machined top triple which allows me to use a dirt bike bar while keeping the height provided by the 929's gull-wing triple.  I also attached some photos of my subframe.  Working on the battery mount today as well as covering the sides in with some ABS plastic sheets.





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