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VFR1200F Valve Inspection


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3 hours ago, JoeVFR said:

I got #1 and #2.... how do you do #3.  #2 is at max, but #3 is at .24mm..... .01mm out of sink.



The manual provides the gaps spec's for either side of an exhaust rocker arm.  You can use either gap spec. to make your adjustment via the adjuster screw.  The adjuster screw is the only adjustment for an exhaust rocker arm.


#1 is an intake cam lobe for cyl. 2, gap adjusted via shim.  #2 is an exhaust adjuster for cyl. 2, set gap at the valve end or the roller end per the respective gap spec.  #3 is the roller end of an exhaust rocker for cyl. 3.  Follow this rocker arm to the right to find the adjuster, adjust using respective gap spec for either end.


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I got #1 and #2.... how do you do #3.  #2 is at max, but #3 is at .24mm..... .01mm out of sink.  



Got it!  Tried it and tappet does both...... just bought the bike in Texas.... Honda dealer just did 16k .... I'll show you a pic tommorow of just how far off they are.   It was vibrating real bad, now I know why. Thank you... I've done lots of valve adjustments, just not on this one. 

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Hi all, sorry to use this old post, but i think it's better than writing a new one just for this (dumb?...) clarifications 

So if i understood: 
intake valve clearance can be adjust by checking the existing valve clearance (red arrow) ==> remove the camshaft ==> get the shim value ==> determine the new shim value.

exhaust valve clearance can be adjust by checking the valve clearance between (green arrow) ==> set gap at the valve end (yellow arrow)

Right ?



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