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Please Understand Vfrd Is About Motorcycles!

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Riding season is about over and as usual members are logging in more - and as such they are posting more off topic posts than ever.


Let me be clear, vfrd is for motorcycylist, not gaming, current events, cars or any other topic not motorcycling. I really want to make it perfectly clear that off topic spam will be deleted when I see it as I see it. The Other Than VFR forum is not a junk drawer to post jokes, or pictures of cars, cats dogs, or otherwise non motorcycling topics. VFRD has always had a slim mandate, with a very specific purpose and I dont want to see it get off on a tangent - there are a large number of other websites that cater to that so there are always alternatives.

I have heard about members getting bored talking about motorcycles all the time! Yea I hear ya I have heard that for the past four years - you can always log into sport-tourning.net and get that, its a good site with a lot of the same members as here, but with seamingly every subject in the universe no holds barred type of joint. Or Gixxer.com, or Hayabusa.org, COG, whatever, but let it be known VFRD is strictly about motorcycles!

Furthermore the vfrd gallery is specifically for motorcycles only, and motorcyle riding activites. People are uploading pics of dogs, cars, trucks, jokes, whatever. Photos are resource intensive so I must be strict about that as well. All you need to know is this "if its not about motorcycles it doesnt belong here"!

Many of you disagree with this and I know who you are, your still here, I am not trying to be a tyrant, I am just working within the idea, the framework, the objective, the guidlines, the rules, the concept, whatever word you can think of that = Motorcycling! Shoot just read about all the guys switching to different bikes, comparos and such, its all good! Thats motorcycling! (the vfr is still the best bike on the market!!!)

I dont log in much on my work week so these things slip by me, however if I see it I will delete it, if it becomes a problem well............I dont want that to happen - so thats why I felt I needed to say all this.

I am not pointing fingers at anybody here or singling anybody out nor am I upset about this, I am actually coldy unemotional about it. The fact is vfrd is growing by leaps and bounds, and so many are not tuned into the culture yet, the post counts are pretty consistant, we have always stretched the envelope of how much server space I have on hand, how big the mysql database is its not a money thing, its just keeping it lean and managable. So to keep the integrity of the website lets just keep it about motorcycles! I am asking you all PLEASE!

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