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Hello! I have a 1992 VFR project!


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Hi Guys! My name is David.

I recently bought a new '92 VFR and I've been working on it a lot as a project bike.


The person I bought it from sold it non starting and I did some very simple work and it runs great now.

It doesn't look like a normal vfr though. It has been stripped of fairing spray painted by the previous owner. I am embracing the street fighter look, but hoping to clean it up a bit. It has a few minor issues but it has been mostly fixed. I got my senior pictures done with it even!


I attached a few pictures of it but I don't have any good one's of its current look. I have attached a new front shield, a new headlight, and a new taillight. As well as some minor paint touch ups. And one funny thing that the exhaust fell of, so I ended up welding a small downturn pipe back on, so it's pretty loud but I don't mind.



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Get some daylight pictures. I love the fact you ‘got your senior pictures done with it!’ Brings a tear to my eyes! Those 3rd gen have a lot of fun qualities to appreciate. That rear wheel looks like it’s peeling (and i truly hope that’s all it is) 

good job getting her running. 

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Congrats on your VFR and welcome to the forum!


Good on you for getting the bike started and sorted so far.  Thanks for posting the photos, and I'm hoping to see more as you go.  Good luck with it!  🙂

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