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7 hours ago, Padraig said:

Hi people just got my VFR 800 2002 back up and running with a good bit of work done on it but can’t get the ABS light off. New sensor put in. Any suggestions?

Not much detail in your fault description!

- Are your tire pressures correct?

- ABS is sensitive to battery status, is your battery and charging system good?

- Are you saying that the ABS light remains On once bike speed is above 6mph?

- Any physical damage to either of the Pulser Rings?

- Are all four ABS fuses good?

- Have you gone through the Service Manual for fault code checking?

- Could the "work done" have effected ABS wiring and connections?

- Was the issue there prior to work done?

- What new sensor? Front or Rear? Did it have a fault code for the sensor?

- Are the Sensor to Pulser Ring air gaps correct?

- Have you checked all the ABS connections and connectors are clean and making good contact?

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