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LED Strobe Tail/Brake Light Upgrade

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I found these red LEDs while shopping for LED taillights for the VFR.  I wanted to see how long they'd last before providing some feedback but they have about 9,000 miles of use on them now.  I'm sure one will take a dump at some point, but there's a year warranty and it's only $18 for the pair.  https://www.amazon.com/Alla-Lighting-Strobe-Flashing-Brilliant/dp/B07F9MV3Z8/

On the closure of a brake light switch, that's handlebar or right foot, they do a quick 3 - 4 flash before staying solid brighter.  I like the fact that no wiring modification is required for some external flasher module.  All the circuitry  is contained within the bulb.  The one downside is these bulbs are a bit hefty compared to the regular incandescents.  It wasn't long before one slipped out and I found it rolling around in the taillight housing.  I came up with a small cable tie arrangement that has held them in place since.




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