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2013 Why We Ride Documentary

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Ever climbed on your motorcycle and started out on a ride just wanting to take it slow? Yesterday I hung out with a Ninja and went to lunch at a restaurant I haven’t been to in a while that’s a fair distance away. As always, I’m not the straight-line point A to point B sorta guy I take the road less traveled which in some cases can make the trip twice as far. I just could not get over how much the entire ride felt as if it were in slow motion. Made me feel so into what was going on in the moment.


I did a search for this Documentary but/and didn't find it. Okay, the actual reason I came here to post. I know 95% of you guys have seen the Why We Ride documentary, so this is for the other 5%. To be honest for whatever reason I was in the 5% group even since this first came out in 2013, I had no interest in watching it, I’m not a Groupthink kinda guy. So, I’m browsing YouTube last evening and this documentary was recommended to me to watch. I think well what the heck I’ve never seen it what can it hurt, right? Wow, it only took me nine years to find out that this is a pretty cool documentary. When I saw the DVD setting on the shelf at motorcycle dealers, I just looked passed and never gave it much thought.


If you’ve not seen this documentary, I personally recommend you carve out 1h 29m and watch it. It’s pretty cool. Click the image below and it will take you to the YouTube documentary. You can watch the documentary on different platforms as well if you wish from the Why We Ride website.



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I've never seen this movie but I do remember having it in my que on a TV app but it eventually disappeared so I forgot about it.


"On any Sunday" from the 70's conveys my experience pretty well, so it will be interesting to see how this documentary stacks up.

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