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Coderighter 6.6.12 6.6.12

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I have not changed anything on the bike that will effect the file since the last version, it's just a further refinement thru multiple trim acceptance and tweaking. There's been some confusion about version numbers, so from here forward, the version is the date posted on VFRD. Enjoy!


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Should this work reasonably well on a stock bike with baffled LeoVince exhaust (plus PCV and O2 elims).

Sounds like most of your mods have been to make the autotune work correctly, so running on a stock bike without autotune should be mostly ok?

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Just installed this afternoon and went for an all too quick, 20 min shakedown ride. Felt good, smoother at small throttle openings and for the few times it went through a smoother V-TEC transition. Will get some more time on the bike with it hopefully tomorrow commuting to work. Can't wait, feels like a different bike!

Thank you much!

'08 w- stock filter, PCV O2 resistors and Autotune, PAIR, "1.25" chamber stock exhaust (stock is 3 chambers).

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