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The cold light of day.




Hi all and welcome to my blog hope you all enjoy.....


So its been 12 years since owning a motorcycle and now I have a well used and reasonable well looked after 2005 Pearl Heron Blue VFR800. I've only test ridden a few liter sport bikes once I got off my provisional license way back when but this is my first time owning something other then a 250cc. You'll have to forgive the no doubt sometimes novice remarks and just remember I'm just a fellow enthusiast not a MotoGP rider :happy:.


After close to a week and close enough to 200klms under my belt on it I've had time to notice things in some more detail.

I can not nor am complaining with a bike that cost $3200 Aussie bucks that is in this condition but there are thing that need to change at some point and thing I may need to get use too, especially considering I've been out of the saddle for so long.

For the very first photos i took of her please check out my post "G'day from Perth" in the welcome section, there are a couple of camera phone photos in there.


For the riding part the first thing that got my attention is the grips, they feel a little thin to me and after about an hour I seemed to be getting a bit of vibration through the bars but it only effected my right hand really. My left leg was feeling a bit cramped at around the hour mark as well. Throttle transitions from off/on at lower revs seems to be a bit of a dice roll in regards to how smooth it will be. Need to look at the clutch take-up/friction point as it feels very late and embarrassingly i maybe riding it a little at take off (:blush: Its been a long time...) Finally the older orange/amber indicators annoy me only because I've seen the updated ones from the 06/07 on-wards models and the pair valve is starting to grate me a little hearing in open and close. I am kind of happy about the noise/note from the rider point of view with the bike but standing next to it the factory system doesn't do the V4 justice.


Loving the noise (although muted some what) especially when VTEC kicks in, also finding the bike surprisingly easy to ride. I like the combined braking and the stability of the bike in general, to me its like a mirror in that if you ride lazy it will feel a little on the big/heavy side like it is lazy bike it self but once you start to apply force in your riding it starts to shrink under you and come alive. My very limit previous experience/memory's are that even the liter sport bikes I test rode and a couple of mates 600s didn't feel so broad in there character. After the couple of rides I've had now i'm super glad to be back on a bike, what i was missing in getting nods and waves from friendly motorcyclists and really happy to get the model I've wanted for quite sometime.


Below is a photo I took parked at Mosman Park on Curtin avenue earlier this afternoon, Indian Ocean in the back ground. It was a beautiful day 26*c nothing but blue skies, 64% Humidity and a cool breeze coming straight of the Indian Ocean. (photo was on the phone..:blush:)







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