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Jan. 7th and 60 degrees.



Got some riding in today and anytime you can start a blog in January like that, living in Kentucky, well it has been a good day. Today's 60 degree high was a far cry from the 42 car pile up due to ice and snow on Monday. And after a few chores this morning, and lunch with Carri, it was time to get some cruising on the VFR done.

Called up Kenny and some other riding buds to see who else was up for a ride. With UK playing at 4:00 many here in the bluegrass state were already a pitcher in at Gillum's so it was only Kenny and I. But, we had seats saved for the game at our favorite sports bar, so the calls were not for not.

With the snow earlier in the week riding up in the mountains was out due to salty roads and poor conditions. So, we decided to just cruise around Madison county on local roads. We managed to roll up about 60 miles of back roads which normally wouldn't be very blog worthy, but did I mention it is Jan. 7th? And we were riding in jackets!

Got to Gillum's in time to get an order of hot wings before the game started. With several friends, all who ride, sitting around watching what would turn out to be an easy win for the Wildcats, plans for another ride tomorrow were laid.

It won't be an epic ride except it will be a ride in January... Which is epic.

After the Sun set, the VFR was indicating 37 degrees on the 15 mile ride home leaving a cold burn in my legs by the halfway mark. I don't mind riding in the cold as long as I know I can get warmed up. Kinda makes you feel alive to feel a little bite from the cold. Tomorrow, will be a bit cooler but still in the 50's and I am looking forward to riding again.

There is also talk of a group effort installing the HIDs on my VFR. Should be a great day!


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