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So Far Ahead of the Curve it's CrAzY!

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Good Tuesday morning to ya! Cold morning here in South Central, Kentucky that is... Jan.1st it was 57 degrees and sunny. I worked in the yard and cleaned out the garage with only a sweat shirt. But the thing about Kentucky weather, if you don't like it wait an hour and most likely it will change. Yesterday moring the low was about 40, which turned out to be the high. Winds from the North East picked up and the temps dropped like a Led Zepplin. (great band not so great means of transportation) By 9:00am it was snowing but not sticking. By the 5pm rush hour chaos had set in! With absolutely zero pretreatment to the highways KY were gridlocked. Major highways and I-75 were ice rinks with crashes from Williamsburg (south) to Dry Ridge (almost Cincy) where they had a 42 car pile up.

Top the day off with a natural gas line explosion and fire about 20 miles from my house that lit up the sky like sun rise at 7PM (reminded me of the "Fire" episode of M.A.S.H. where the Col. replies to someone "Only the Sun doesn't come up in the North.") The low level clouds from the snow squals lit up like the scene out of Raiders of the Lost Ark, when the Ark is opened and the piller of fire shoots to the Heavens. Only, our show lasted for over two hours. It was a very eerie feeling watching the sky. It wasn't just a glow, you could actually see the entire sky pulse like the flicker of a fire place in a dark room, but this was as far as you could see. One report stated the fire at it's peak shot flames to an estimated 1500ft! Luckily, it was in a remote area and no one was hurt.

With the temps dropping like they did I got to try out the new Eddie Bauer coat this morning. Loving it. But, it's really no suprise. It's one of the multiple layer deal that are all the rage right now. Particularly the North Face brand is in vouge. You know the jackest with the black liner jackets that are a windproof shell that go under the outter layer? Following me? I knew they technology worked very well as I've been sporting my FirstGear Killimagaro wind jacket/liner/insulation layer as a solo jacket since 2005. Now the rest of the world has caught on. I finally broke down and got a new version as my FirstGear liner/jacket has about had the lick. But, when I was looking at the new coat, all along I was thinking how well the EB liner will work with my Killimagaro! So, I'll get double use out of it.

Everyone wants to be as cool as us motorcyclist (who probably stole the technology from the ski bunnies) but we are just too far ahead of the curve. Oh, and if your a redneck like me but don't want to take your Carhart coveralls to the ski slopes, you can always wear the full Killamgaro suit. Very functional and doesn't look TOO out of place. :) Stay warm my friends! Oh, and it's going to be 55 again on Thursday. Remember what I said about Kentucky weather? Haha!

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