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Jan 8th. 240 Miles.... Monk & Maker's Mark!



Another nice day here in central KY for January and some friends and I managed to roll up about 240 miles. Our destination, the little town of Lorretta, KY. Home of the Maker's Mark distillery and the Abby of Gethsemani, home of the Bourbon Fudge Monks. We chose this area for it's rolling hills and winding roads. Nothing like the mountains of eastern KY but a very beautiful and fun area to ride.

The day started with breakfast at in Berea at the Dinner Bell where I had steak & eggs with biscuits and gravy. Yum! There the route was discussed and once all of our group had assembled we were off and running! Nothing but back roads 100 or so miles each way through beautiful farm country with short runs of twisties thanks to the "knobs" in this part of KY. The Knobs are the results of the limestone in the area that cause the round hills which in turn call for curvy roads. Good stuff. But, with the farms come cattle and with cattle comes round bales of hay being moved and.. mud. Along with the salt from earlier in the week, the road conditions were not trustworthy of high speed riding, so a nice cruising pace was set. And seeing how we really shouldn't be riding at all on the 8th of January, no one was complaining. Here are some photos!


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Great ride, I am sure, Billyjack... Some of my favorite haunts in KY. The monastery, Loretto, Makers Mark distillery.Wish I could have been with you guys. I'll have to jump up there and do the knobs with you some day. Thanks for sharing the jaunt.

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