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Remembering Maroon Bells




Probably the most photographed mountains in Colorado Maroon Bells National Monument near Aspen Colorado

I found a great photo of this spot at work and was admiring it when a coworker friend of mine asked me if I had taken the picture, she said that it just fascinated her. I tried to explain to her just how the picture did not do it justice because the two 14k peaks just tower over everything so the perspective is never quite right in a picture.


Maroon Bells Aspen Colorado borrowed this picture from work


map.jpg this is the map from Independence Pass to the Monument


The route we took for the day trip


Stop In Twin Lakes


Heading Up Independence Pass


La Plata Peak Waits around the corner


Maroon Creek Road


One Right Turn to awesomeness


Maroon Bells just tower over everything


Sievers Mountain


The Path to the parking lot along Maroon Lake.JPG


Pyramid Peak.JPG

I was just thinking of the several trips up and down Maroon Creek Road I have taken over the years, its always like visiting a foreign country to me cause its so incredible - there is a ranch at the bottom of the road that usually is covered in Dandilions so the meadow is just full of this pretty yellow Dandilion Patch and the owner lets Llamas run in the meadow but they like to sun themselves on top of an old shed along the side of the road so you get this pastorial feel before you meet the magesisty of the Rockies and its just a wonderful expierience for a day trip, stop at Maguires Sandwitch shop in Aspen on the way and get a great hoogie before you go up to the monument


Lunch Stop Aspen awsome sandwitches

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Guest mhks73


I'd take that view over the Grand Canyon anyday! I gotta get to Colorado some day! Even though I'd be getting there on a 2008 FJR since I sold my 2005 VFR. Sorry HS I had to!!!

Funny that my first comment to you is same week I get rid of the VFR! Your board has been great though I will stay on its always a good read and I'm always learning something new!!!

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