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Two Bikes Down At The Mall.

Darth Bling



Ok, so I ended up heading to Seattle today with my girlfriend to pick up her flute from the repair shop. After we stopped by the music store, which was located in the mall, we decided to walk around a bit. Anyway, as we left the mall to head out, I noticed a gathering of mall security guards. After a second look, I notice the guards are standing next to these two bikes. One of which was laying on the ground and the other was being held up by one of the security guards. Obviously, I had to go investigate.

What did I spy? Two brand-new CBR600RRs, a red and silver, both with temporary plates on the back. Even the front tires still had the those brand-new color lines in them from the factory. Yup, you guessed it, both these bikes had just been bought today! The silver bike, which was being held up by the security guard, had a busted turn signal and some rash. The red bike didn't fair much better, though it was hard to tell since it was still laying on its side. It appears that the proud new owners of the CBRs didn't pay any attention to where they decided to park their bikes, right on top of fresh new asphalt. And, being that it was about 98?F out, the asphalt was freakin soft!!!

So, I asked the security guard why he just doesn't roll the bike forward a bit so that he can set the kickstand down on the harder, older pavement. His reply, "I don't have any idea how these things work." What?! I better get in there and help, so I told the guard I could move the bikes for him. He asks me, "Do you know how these things work?" to which I replied, "Yeah, I own a couple of bikes."

After putting my ice mocha down on the curb, I grabbed the silver CBR from the security guard, popped the bike into neutral, and pushed it forward. By then more security guards arrived and one of them had righted the red bike. When I walked over to it, the security guard I had just helped said to the other one, "This guy knows what he's doing." So, I popped the red CBR out of gear and pushed it forward a bit, put it back down on the kickstand, and then rotated the bike about 30? right on it's kickstand. Since the steering head was locked and there was a car in the way, I had to spin it around a bit. Dang those CBRs are light!

Anyway, the security guards had a look of amazement on their faces when I rotated the bike on it's kickstand. After getting it turned, I then push it forward until it was sitting on the older asphalt that wasn't melting in the sun. The guards thanked me for me help and I grabbed my mocha and proceeded to the car. As we were leaving, I swung back around to see how the situation with the bikes was proceeding and I see a security guard leading these two kids to the bikes. Yup, squids. They were both wearing popped-collar polo shirts, tennis shoes, and designer jeans and carrying their $500 helmets. Poor bikes. Hopefully they'll see better days.


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That is hilarious!!! In your blog you were speaking of the silver VFR at Beaverton Honda. I too looked at that bike. It was last spring. I was in the market for a silver VFR and they would absolutely not budge on that bike. I was thinking I could get that one down on price because of the cosmetic damage but to no avail. I actually rode a "non-damaged" vfr and knew that was the bike for me. I was on the fence about getting a 5th or 6th gen VFR. After wasting about 45 minutes of my time haggling over the non damaged bike I stormed out of the store.

Not sure what the deal was with that particular bike, but kind of funny. No biggie, I found an 03' with 1500 miles on it and got a much sweeter deal.

I rode alot last year and this spring, but boating and getting married have put a damper on my trips up to Windy Ridge. But I will be back in the swing of things this September. I'll PM you at VFRD when I know of a trip I'm taking. I have a couple of buddies that ride 5th gen VFRs.




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