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A Frankenviffer Unveiled

Darth Bling



Well, it's taken me awhile, but I finally got some pictures taken of my new front end. Gave the bike a wash for the first time since last August (I think) and removed the saddlebag mounts and grab handles to give it a clean look for the photos. I'll be putting the saddlebag and top-box mounts back on later for a trip I have planned next week. I'll be going to Montana with my parents for the national Goldwing rally. :thumbsup:

After getting the bike washed, a friend and I rode up to the Vista House which is located on the old historic Columbia highway about 25 miles east of Portland. It was a really nice day and the view from the outlook was great. We parked our bikes up on the sidewalk where there wasn't a railing and snap some pictures. The park ranger walked up and we though we were in trouble, but it turned out she was just tired of talking to tourists and wanted to see if we was up to something more interesting. I tried to get her to hop on the bike for a picture, but she declined. She was really cute, especially in her Oregon state park ranger uniform. Too bad she's a hippie vegetarian from Iowa though. :rolleyes:

Anyway, here are some pictures: :beer:

th_P6240281ca.jpg th_P6240283ca.jpg th_P6240285ca.jpg th_P6240290ca.jpg

th_P6240284ca.jpg th_P6240282ca.jpg th_P6240296ca.jpg

Beside the RC51 front end, I also have a set of Leo Vince Titanium pipes plus some 98/99 catless headers that have been ceramically coated by Jet-hot. Radar's frame sliders have also been installed too! :P

The parts list for the RC51 front end include:

2000 RC51 SP1 Forks

2000 RC51 SP1 Lower Triple and Steering Stem

2004 RC51 SP2 Front Wheel with Rotors

2000 CBR929 Upper Triple

2004 Front Brake Calipers

2004 CBR600RR Rear Brake M/C

2005 CBR600F4i Front Brake M/C

RC51 Front Fender

Convertibars for RC51

Galfer SS Brakeline Kit for 2007 Yamaha R1

Galfer Front Brake Pads for RC51

All Balls RC51 Tapered Bearings



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  • Member Contributer

Great views...now post up some close ups of your ride so I can see the gory details! :P

Looks good from there though. :thumbsup:

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  • Member Contributer

'Bout time you got this posted Tim!! Bike looks great. Was there any major chopping or hacking involved in fitting the RC51 forks?

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Guest lorenzo


Looking good. I wished I could've found some rc51 forks over here for my bike, I was sitting on it with the 929 forks today and they feel very short, very steep. Either way, your bike's looking nice.

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