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  1. Why so wasteful? A bit of compressed air and you can use that again...
  2. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Just picked up 4 of these bad boys from a local tuner for £11. Will be crimping to VFR harness this weekend...
  3. Handlebar Muffs

    I’ve seen this too. When you pick up a bit of speed the wind pushes the muffs into the levers slowing the bike down. Really funny and a bit dangerous, but mostly funny. I once saw a courier with hand guards made out of two old 4 pint milk bottles. Classic! Apparently the Hein Gericke muffs are highly rated. I’m with Mohawk. After many years of heated grips and dressing like the Michelin man I finally bought a heated vest. Revelation! If your core is warm then cold fingers don’t really bother you. That surprised me. Of course, my heated vest broke down just as the cold snap of winter kicked in - typical! Stray
  4. Bought from an eBay seller called “drysuits”. Item number 332464160976 Link here: https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F332464160976 Samuelex, I commend you for repairing what most would have just discarded. I’m a big fan of “mend and make do” and don’t approve of this throwaway culture we have developed. It may not be pretty but it is clever and works.
  5. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Gig, are you sure the seal doesn’t need trimming? I just test-fitted a CBR1000RR 2008 COP in my 5th gen and it seems the rubber interferes with full insertion (ooh, Miss!). Here’s a pic of the COP with the seal on: Here’s a pic of the COP with the seal off: See how the first one sits a bit prouder? It also felt like a nice positive engagement with the spark plug with the seal off. Not sure if it just needs a bit of lube and a harder push (I’ve got to stop using such language!) but I did lean on it pretty hard. Her’s a side-by-side of the VFR plug cap vs CBR COP. Looks like you need to get the entire plug in to reach the required depth (there I go again). Those little square bits on the COP must be inside. For what it’s worth, without the top seal the COP wriggles about a bit so that’s not a solution. Of course it also leaves the spark well exposed to water ingress. What’s the solution? Stray
  6. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Thanks VFROZ, I’ll follow your lead. These puppies arrived in the post Saturday. One coil is slightly corroded and it just happened to be the one with a loose top seal. Did the seal fail and let water in or did the corrosion stick it to the spark well requiring the breaker to tear it out with force (thereby wrecking the seal?). I’ll never know but will ensure mine are watertight. Will put double o-rings on and ensure the slightly corroded one goes on the rear/right cylinder (least likely to get soaked there I think?). Anyway, I saw something else quite interesting on the wiring loom: I didn't realise Honda was sub-contracting out bits of their flagship bikes to China? I knew about the entry-level bikes but an ‘08 Fireblade? Surprised me a bit. I’m going to try crimping Metri-Pack type Denso connectors to the original VFR wires instead of cutting off the old ones from the CBR loom (will keep these on hand in case things go pear-shaped). My thinking is this method makes for a cleaner install but not sure if the original wires have enough length (funny, my wife was saying just that!). Picking up the new Denso connectors this week. Will post when done. Thanks again for for all the advice/help from the forum members! Stray
  7. Hello All, Quick hack for you in case someone ever needs it. How to repair tears in textile clothing cheaply and easily. My waterproof trousers are getting on a bit and I’ve consumed a great many pies since buying them 8 years ago. Naturally, the seams are under a bit more stress than the designers factored in and one of them burst. Wonderful as this waterproof synthetic fibre is, you cannot sew it as it frays badly. You’ll never get a stitch to bite. So I did some online searching and bought some heat activated tape designed specifically for Gore Tex. It’s basically fancy hemming tape. £3.50 for 1m delivered to my door. Can’t complain at that price! Seller says best method is heat gun and a small paint roller (£1 in pound store). It was Sunday and I couldn’t get a paint roller...but I did have a few tins of beer that roll nicely!!! That’s everything you need: ripped trousers, heatgun, adhesive tape and a tin of John Smiths (what can I say, I like Yorkshire ale). Slip the tape under the rip and position it so it will grab both sides of the garment. Easy enough - just be accurate and extend the tape a bit past the edge of the rip. Oh, and round the corners of the tape too. This stops it peeling off easily. Then, with the rip held neatly together, apply heat and press down on the tape with the beer tin, rolling onwards as you go. Took about 5 passes to ensure the adhesive had soaked through both pieces of material. You need to give this stuff a chance to flow through, but be careful not to melt the synthetic fibres (they crinkle up like plastic if you hover the heat gun too long in one spot). Once cooled it looked almost as good as new, except for a small wrinkle where my finger is. I probably failed to flatten the material properly there. No big deal though. At least I don’t get an arctic breeze flowing through my goolies through the rip. Might pursue a career as seamstress! Hope this helps someone out. Stray
  8. Ram Air Vfr?

    @Mohawk, is there a photo of your ram air setup someplace? I seem to recall reading about it a few months ago but search function not playing ball. If I recall you also installed dual velocity stacks but again search function can’t find it now. I’m assuming you can’t fit dual velocity stacks in a standard airbox as it is too close to the air filter. So are you running them without a filter? Im toying with the idea of ramair myself, possibly through the dumbo indicators, but they are a bit too low for comfort. Mohawk’s scoop setup seems better protection against water ingress but the air is probably mildly warmer there than fresh air from outside the bike. Nevertheless, at the speeds ram air operates there won’t be much cold air trapped in the engine bay at all! Stray
  9. 5th gen "coil on plug" setup.

    Got CBR1000rr 2008 coils and loom coming. Will fit next weekend (busy this weekend). Two observations: 1. Both VFR and CBR have same spark plug gap of 0.8-0.9mm. Does this suggest COP doesn’t put out stronger spark than our fat green coils? Should we be widening the plug gap to 1mm with COP mod? 2. Is there a way to run fresh cables and new Denso connector plugs from someplace on the loom? Metri pack waterproof ones are available cheap. I can’t help but feel splicing the CBR connectors onto the existing 19 year old wire is asking for trouble. Failed RR/stator connectors have made me overly cautious. 3. A lot of the CBR ‘08+ coils on eBay look corroded across their metallic silver jackets. Not sure if this is due to water ingress or high heat (or both). The US ones are less corroded than UK ones, which suggests moisture is the issue. Should we be doing more to waterproof the spark well? Is an outwardly corroded coil likely to fail or is this just a cosmetic problem? Note: earlier CBR coils (and most other bikes too) are covered in black plastic so no corrosion is visible, although there may be some lurking within. Thanks to Ranger and all those other members who pioneered this mod - I am very grateful to you all! Stray
  10. What kind of Oil/Filter do y'all use?

    Just for clarification, HiFlo USED to make K&N. Production was moved to the Far East (Philippines, if memory serves?) and quality dropped dramatically. When K&N failed to renew their contract with HiFlo, HiFlo released their own range of filtres with a nut on top. They also installed synthetic media raising the game significantly. These are their “rc” filters. So a 303 filter would be a 303rc. HiFlo have always been the filtre of choice in garages across Europe. They are a quality brand that just got better. I’ve used them in all my bikes for decades without complaint, even on the occasional foray on track. Stray
  11. That looks WICKED! What subframe and tail tail is that?
  12. Got the speedo sorted. Fitted an an aftermarket KPH-MPH face from Redial UK (now defunct) to match the Venoxy RPM gauge. After opening-closing-reopening the dashboard cluster 100 times I finally got the needles to rest on zero for both gauges. Trick is to install the needles at maximum and rotate then anti-clockwise until they rest against the stop. Also installed blue LED bulbs while I was in there. Note these have polarity so if they don’t light up first time just swap them round. Sorry for crappy pic. Camera flash makes it look weird. I also removed over the spring tabs on the dumbo indicators and bent them back a bit. Over time they had gotten slack and my indicators were wobbling. This is the part I’m talking about (screwdriver removing the screw that holds it). Simply pushed them flatter against the floor.
  13. KPH - MPH speedo face supplier?

    Speedo face now fitted and working fine. Thanks to everyone for their help. There was some old stock KPH-MPH speedos by a UK company called Redial UK on eBay and I snapped one up. It came with an FI warning light which my ‘97 doesn’t have but I don’t mind that. Here’s a tip for setting the needle to zero: fit the needle at top speed and turn it anti-clockwise (backwards) until it meets the stop at zero. This avoids most of the issues people have experienced in the past when dismantling their gauges. Also works with RPM gauge. I had to disassemble the dashboard 5 times before figuring this out. Very annoying! Strapped my phone with a speed app on the handlebars to compare accuracy and the dial is running nearly 20% conservative. So when the dial shows 24mph I’m actually doing 20mph. Not or a train smash but hardly ideal. The gearing may have been changed by a previous owner. Changed dashboard lights to white led also. May as well if speedo is accessible. Sorry for poor pic - camera phone struggles with light displays. Stray
  14. Need a seat

    Got a seat - thanks to everyone who replied. Now I need to think about hacking the rear to bits...