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  1. 2014/15 Service Manual

    It was the first entry on the downloads page as a .zip file.
  2. Mounted mine a few weeks ago, I think that came off still inserted in the stock muffler. The connecting pipe for the Dell goes directly over the header pipe, and butts against that raised flange. The collar you show is not used.
  3. Getting back in the saddle.

    So I've had a number of bikes with and without ABS over the last few years, and bikes with Factory adjustable suspension. The ABS question is whether you feel the perceived value of it outweighs the added weight and additional plumbing involved in the system. I can't recall any time over the years I've had ABS that I've activated it in a braking situation. Maybe I've just been lucky, or I ride too conservatively, but this time around I chose to not go the extra $1000 for it, and just bought a 15 standard. Also I feel that most manufacturer's adjustable suspension is for the most part way overrated. The amount of adjustability is usually so limited as to make it a moot point. I chose to save the money for future upgrades that would be more effective.
  4. Getting back in the saddle.

    The base model has adjustable damping on the rear.