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  1. I thought a little more about why I like the handling much more on the Duc than the the VFR and I think GleninAus nails it. The stock suspension on the Duc is much better sorted than a stock VFR for aggressive riding. A VFR with upgraded suspension would probably make up the handling discrepancy I experience.
  2. I'll preface my response to how the bikes relate to me. I'm 5' 5.5" (I'd prefer 5'6"), about 165. I ride 90% back roads and mountains and primarily a 3 season rider. Rarely commute to work (2-hour round trip on slab, no thanks). Riding since 1978. My pace is brisk, but my knees stay in :) There are plenty of things I loved about my 5th Gen; V4, sound, comfort, unique looks, SSA, Honda fit/finish. What I was not enamored with was: Dated min spec suspension (small conventional forks and ok brakes, dated components) Lack of hard side cases for touring. Had a top case but I always hated the look of a top case. Seat height, combined by seat width, made two-up riding a careful proposition at my height Weight - I felt it's heft everywhere, especially not being a normal size gentile. Don't know if it CG was high or what, but I never was comfortable pushing the bike in the corners either. Power - Plenty of it once you drop down two gears; somewhat lethargic if two up. Where the VFR had weaknesses, the ST3 addressed: 43mm Showa USD forks with proper spring rate, 320mm Bremos (better braking). Suspension components are robust and light Hard matching panniers Seat height, though roughly the same as the VFR, the saddle and bike is much narrower; I can easily manage the bike, even two up. Weight - boy it takes the CIA to get a "real" weight on bikes these days, but SportsRider did a comparison test with the ST3 and a 6th Gen VFR and the tested weight was almost 60 lbs lighter than the VFR (both with bags). I can testify that I could easily tell it was lighter - both maneuvering it and riding it. (as a sidenote, the 1st generation ST2 and ST4 were 30 lbs heavier than the 2nd gen). As far as handling, it rails with me on it. I pushed past where I would take the VFR and felt more comfortable in doing it. In about 1 ride. Power - 1000cc twin vs 800cc V4. The Duc has a little more peak hp, but tons more torque. It's a roll-on monster compared to the VFR. It also sounds glorious. Parts - Used and new parts for the ST3 are more readily available; The VFR can be problematic at times. ST3 weaknesses (for me): Most ST owners love the stock 2nd gen seat - I hate it after 1 hour (too soft). I have a Corbin butt, so a Corbin is on it's way. Tried it first with the stock handlebar risers - way too much weight on my wrists with my short arms. The Helibars made a huge difference and is a must have in my book. If you are a large human, the leg room may be an issue. It feels tighter on the ST3 than the VFR. Issues where the jury is still out: Is this thing going to strand me? I like working on bikes, so hopefully the maintenance won't make me swear and scare the kids The back end of the bike is, well, plain. No SSA, no sexy wheel to show off Is this thing going to strand me? As a former VFR owner, I would not make the switch to the Duc if: I had a shop maintain it, or Hard core commuting Anyway, that's my opinion on the hot new red-head I have in the garage. Scott L.
  3. Wanted to say thank you to all the members and mods on VFR Discussions for all the knowledge, help, and guidance. I have my 5th gen up for sale due to the fact that I recently picked up a 2006 ST3 Ducati. After weighing all the pros and cons on switching bikes, the Ducati is a much better fit for what I'm looking for in a sports touring mount. The resource this forum gives to VFR owners is second to none. Again, thanks and please be safe out there! Scott Lane Maryville, TN
  4. 2016 Two Up

  5. Cherohala Skyway

  6. Binding brakes mystery

    Symptoms of air in the brake hydraulic system. When a bubble of air in the brake fluid heats up sufficiently, it expands and engages the brakes. If I where you, bleed the system step by step as thoroughly and completely as you can. Take your time and use plenty of brake fluid to flush the air out. Another tip is to bleed for a while, wait an hour or so, and bleed again. During the bleed process, air bubbles can get atomized going through orifices; waiting can let the bubbles recombine and make it easier to get out. The only thing that concerns me is that this issue developed on its own (without you breaking into the brake system). Any signs of leaks? Scott
  7. She has still got it!

    To be 17 years old, she's still kind to the camera...
  8. Route and POI suggestions Maryville TN to Dahlonega GA

    Thanks guys, appreciate the tips.
  9. New to me VF1000FF - change of plan

    Nice! Love the old iron and tastefully done! IMO, it's easier to mod a non-stock bike with no worries about keeping it "original". Scott
  10. Planning an overnight trip with the wife starting in Maryville, TN to Dahlonega, GA. Most of my riding loops around TN129/NC28/Cherohala Pkwy, so I'm not familiar with the roads in southwest NC and north GA. I hear GA60 and GA180 are "can't miss" so I've got that on my route. Any route suggestions or "areas of interest" from the VFR brethren? Since the better half will be with me, scenery or interesting stop suggestions are welcome. Thanks, in advance. Scott
  11. Another VFR in Tennessee

    Welcome to the board Casino. Hope to see you around the E. Tennessee mountains sometime. Scott L.
  12. Thanks Max, that's helpful. I was planning on going last year but family commitments derailed it. Thanks again. Scott L.
  13. MaxSwell, have you posted anything on this mod in the past? I'd be curious on what needed to be modded on the headlight shell, etc.. and pros/cons on low and high beam function. Thanks, Scott L.
  14. I was on my typical Saturday loop: The Dragon around 0900, perusing bikes at Deals Gap for a bit, and riding the Cherohala Skyway back into Maryville. While I was sitting watching bikes at the Deals Gap parking area, I saw a guy doubling another guy in cycling gear on a motorcycle with a bicycle mounted to the back. The motorcycle actually had a bike rack mounted to the tail. If that wasn't strange enough, right behind them was an older woman on a Vespa scooter. And yes, they rode across the Dragon... The woman with her hands on her temples rode the Vespa. I didn't post this to mock these fellow brother and sister riders; I applaud those who think out of the box and doing their "own thing". Still a strange sight though... Scott L.

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