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Found 2 results

  1. Here's something I've been working on for a few weeks now. The whole project isn't finished yet, but should be soon, so I thought I'd post a few installments of the rebuild here. I was asked to get this girl back up and running, she was last ridden 10 years ago. During early discussions the carbs were cited as the main issue that needed addressing, but after getting eyes on the bike, the issues went a little deeper than that. Still not bad overall, a good starting point for sure. Nowadays you can give just about anything 10 feet and an Instagram filter to make it look good: But, the closer I got the more I saw that needed attention. The whole bike was fairly original, and was put away just as some of the small "old bike stuff" stared cropping up. Tires were dated 2003, fork seals leaking, clutch slave leaking, gas had gone off, battery gone, mufflers packed full of whole kernel corn feed, etc. I made a list and settled in for the long haul, but not before getting the bike to start on the old gas with a fresh battery. It took full choke and a lot of cranking, and the bowls leaked, but it did start, run, and even took some throttle so I knew we had something to save here. First up, clear a space, pull some bodywork and the carbs Rut roh, first sign of trouble... someone's had that plenum off, and they chewed up the screws while they were at it. When I saw that I figured it was time to go all in. Ordered a full rebuild kit from BillyC and tore the carbs down I got them to this point, then proceeded to tackle 1 carb at a time till all 4 were done Kit contents: All the rubber was hardened and splitting, this definitely needed doing Each carb body was soaked in Berryman's and thoroughly blown out/dried and rebuilt with the new rubber. The diaphragms and slides were in good shape and stock. The chrome on the slide hats was pitting and chipping/flaking and the hats were dirty, so I sent them on a quick trip through my blast cabinet to clean them up without dulling the chrome too badly, then installed the nicer ones on the outside carbs. Also blasted the plenum, and refined the body & bowl gasket surfaces. All in all, they look better now
  2. Just finishing up the last few bits on this build, figured it was time to share here. This will be a long multi-segment post, so keep checking in till the finished pics pop up. The (rough) design brief... CBR1000RR tail, F4i RSU fork swap, handlebar and riser conversion, round headlight, front mount radiator, custom exhaust header with low/underbelly muffler and exit, powdercoat lots of parts. Overall, the usual crisp, clean, loaded-with-details build with a P51 Mustang - airplane inspired theme. Starting with a reasonably clean albeit slightly higher mileage '99 model: Coolant drained, rads off, brakes (mostly) bled out, rear axle nut cracked loose. On track for fork swap by weeks end Washer fluid bottle makes a good drain catch for coolant streaming from the drain at the pump Not much, but at least it looks a bit lighter with the side rads gone. More disassembly. Removed hand controls, linked brake system, clutch slave, pair system, other misc stuff. She's pretty grungy, got my work cut out for me to make it clean and shiny again. Always gets worse before it gets better... Found a broken airbox lid Fitted the F4i forks and triples, and a set of brake calipers. The VFR wheel fits almost perfectly. I did have to cut off the F4i steering lock stops to fit the lower, will make new ones later. Then I offered up the CBR tail I'm happy with how the shapes will blend. With the right blend panels and paint, it will look factory.
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