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  1. Pat, you are right, that is a shot from the ladder ... otherwise it was almost impossible to take it ... :)

    Il Duce, check out www.wdgah.net and just come second weekend in September :)

    Vfr_Steve, thank you :)

  2. Wow, that looks AWESOME... I always thought that the headlight was the weak-link in the cosmetic design of the 4th gens. The only thing I would do to it if it were mine would be to add the Carbon Fiber Naca-Duct inserts. I'm not a huge fan of painting it in to match the rest of the bike, I like the contrast it gives.

    Do you mean the "90degrees rotated V-sign" inserts on the side panels?

    I actually agree with you - I saw those inserts ones ONLY ones on ebay made from carbon fiber and I was too slow to bid ... I regret that till today ...


  3. For this pic you need a shirt or a jacket that poses this question:

    "Does this bike make my butt look fast?"

    Yes it does. Great looking 4th gen as well, love the body mods, the headlight treatment threw me off the year when I saw the group photo from the superflaf ride.


    Haha, in this particular pic I have t-shirt on which says with bold yellow letters "I am not dead yet!" ... but I would wear yours too :-)

    You are right that the headlights confuse people... anyway, I wrote more about the bike in its own thread I had to start:


    Thanks, M.

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