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  1. JTR1346 is a 43t 525 sprocket that fits the RC36/46 750/800.
  2. It's not a VFR up front...it's a VT750. This is just my curiosity asking, but why would you carve a whole sprocket for the RC30 arm from a blank instead of using a sprocket made for the RC30 arm? In my case, for example, since no one seems to make a 525 sprocket for the VFR and no one seems to make a 530 sprocket for the VT750, well I'm just going to have a cheap $20 steel VFR sprocket milled down to 525 dimensions. It's just cutting 1/16" off both faces and only about 3/4" from the circumference. It'll be 30 minutes of millwork.
  3. My preference is steel...but the bike weighs less and has considerably less power than the VFR, I highly doubt aluminum will really be a problem, I just don't like the idea of having to have one custom made.
  4. Okay so I'm running an RC31 arm with an RC36 carrier/spindle assembly all on a VT750. The VT750 seems to only have 525 availability up front and the VFR only seems to have 530 availability in the back...has anyone managed to find a steel 525 that'll fit the rear? Alternatively, do any of you cleverer fellows know of, by chance, a 535/17 that'll fit a '06 Shadow 750 Spirit? 😄 Sprocket specialists is the backup...they can make me an aluminum sprocket to my specs but I'd prefer to find commonly available parts if at all possible versus custom made.
  5. Carburetors have been sold, shipped, and delivered. All items are in Lubbock, TX. I only accept checks or paypal friends and family payments. Frame is straight and clean but does not have a title. I will provide a Vermont accepted bill of sale. $100+shipping I do not know the last time the motor ran. It turns over cleanly without any noise, has lots of compression. I'm confident it'll be a decent motor but I have never heard it run. Does not have any external damage and does not look abused. Bike was parked because a previous owner wrecked it and never got back on. All of the electronics shown have been removed and sold already. $125+shipping Carburetors need a good cleaning, but they're not gunked up. Bowls everything were pretty clean but they were left open in a dusty environment. The slides move freely but you can feel the grit. The butterflies move smoothly. I do have the whole assembly soaked in penetrating oil. I've taken the caps off and the diaphragms all look to be in good shape but one of the caps has a suspicious crack in it that might warrant replacing...or a dab of JB Weld. Two of the velocity stacks are in good shape, two of them are pretty buggered up. There are no pilot, needle, or air jets...the plan was to rebuild them to stock but I'm getting there. If I got the jet sizes you need I can put them in for $5/ea, or cost at the dealership if I don't, but odds are you're going to want your own sizes. $115 shipped to the continental US. I recommend using Fastenal for shipping the frame or motor and I can pallet and deliver them to a local store...it's usually $75~100 for these kinds of things. $250 + shipping if you buy the lot.
  6. I'm trying to check out vortex but their site only seems to let me select a both sprockets and a chain as an option. I just need the rear sprocket...I'll send them an email...
  7. Tried sifting through the JT catalog and no luck. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  8. Alright I'm building this thing and working on adapting an R1 wheel into it...but I've got an itch to try a single side setup. I need to find a wrecked 5th gen or someone breaking one up. If someone just has an arm laying around I'd be interested in that...I'm having a hard time pulling the trigger on eBay stuff because I think the pivot point is going to be too far away from the countersprocket to get the ride height I want and I won't be able to adjust the cast aluminum swingarm like I can with the stock steel arm. So...anyone got an arm they don't need laying about? Or a complete 5th gen they accidentally wrapped around a tree?
  9. Looking on eBay most of the other clocks are pretty large. The one I saw that was small enough to get me what I want was an '01 929 setup. However, if I have to re-pin it then I'm not sure it's worth the extra effort to only kind of get what I want. I might work off a combination of the stock and R6 setup. Tachs all work the same, roughly, so I should be able to get the R6 tach to work just fine. I'll have to play with the speed. If I go that route then I'll be setting up caution lights on the dash that I can tap directly into the VFR wiring harness. Thanks cogswell!
  10. Are the plugs on the CBR clusters the same as the VFR? This VFR uses two rather large plugs. Also, and I'm only asking this because I have it and it is physically perfect in size and shape, would anyone have any comments about using an '05 R6 cluster? If someone has a wiring diagram for the '98 VFR800 I could get the dash pinout from I would appreciate it!
  11. Can you do something to correct the speedometer? The CBR clusters are much smaller and more suitable to what I'm doing.
  12. wow that's a super impressive build! I like that Koso clock but they're a bit pricey. I'll be looking into it, though.
  13. I'm running a '98 800 setup in a mini-buggy. I would like to use the speedometer and tach and get all the stock instrumentation, but the VFR cluster is HUGE and I'm having a hard incorporating it into my dash. Have you guys seen any more compact clusters used with the VFR800 that still have all the factory functionality?
  14. Since no one seems to know: Yes. You can use the 800 ('98 ABS if it matters) hanger and caliper with the 750 rotating setup. You have to fabricate a new brake arm and you might not get 360* of rotation so be mindful of where your setup is when you make your new arm.
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