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  1. I hope that's your center stand and not your exhaust.

    I want to know what camera and settings you used - sharp image in tree shadow with fast rotating wheels frozen...

    You'll have to send a PM to "marid2aptrblt"; he took the pics. :biggrin:

  2. It was a really cool ride, my buddy Esteban rode with me from Tucson and took a bunch of pics on the fly, my camera is too big to keep in my pocket and just whip out like that, unfortunately.

    Can't wait to go back someday.

  3. The next picture is when he gently low-sides the machine, right? I'm not trying to make fun of it, or of anyone, this is a genuine question--the machine looks like it's just about down to me... Can't believe he wouldn't be down in the next pic...


    Not at all, I finished the turn comfortably, turned around farther up the hill and came back for another pass! :beer:

  4. Yes, larger pic is available, I will post a link in the thread later today, Thanks for asking!

    Can I please please get a larger version of this pic? Preferably full size? Would make an AWESOME desktop wallpaper...!

    We discussed the hanging off thing in the "Agenda" thread, I've the right things to do in mind. I was really in the zone at that time, and don't usually find myself dragging the footpeg around an entire corner like that often... does make for a super photo though doesn't it? :beer:

    Happy to share it with all of you!

  5. termi's


    Every time I look at this pic, my first thought is "that totally looks like a screwdriver sticking out of the mid pipe" :P Even though I know it's just the pre-load adjuster...

  6. That strecth of road was about twenty miles long, and it was just one of many like it in Arizona, it got boring fast. Speaking of fast, all I can say to that is yes, although I did get some resistance from my luggage when the needle rose above a certain point.

    The jacket is an Icon Daytona, it doesn't have the patches like on the Daytona Hero, but I do have a Tarmac jacket with patches all over. :rolleyes:

    I did ride through Kansas too, on the same tour, and I have to say I liked it more/hated it less than the desert, it had some hills to roll up and down, LOL!

  7. I'm always surprised that the LEOs don't get a little snippy about guys snapping their pics. :joystick:

    I cropped the side of my friend's face out of this one, he just held the camera up to his shoulder, with his back turned, and snapped one. Came out pretty good! I wouldn't have done it myself... :P

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